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Weight Loss For Middle Aged Men

weight loss for middle aged men

weight loss for middle aged men - Dr. Bob

Dr. Bob Arnot's Guide to Turning Back the Clock

Dr. Bob Arnot's Guide to Turning Back the Clock

In his bestselling Guide to Turning Back the Clock, Dr. Bob Arnot showed men everywhere how to look younger, feel younger, be younger Now, in his new book, he reveals the secrets of permanent weight loss for both men and women -- and gives us a breakthrough eating plan for the twenty-first century.

Drawing on up-to-the-minute research in many disciplines, Arnot demonstrates that foods act like drugs on the body: some invariably promote weight gain and make us feel terrible; others almost guarantee weight loss and make us feel terrific. Armed with these findings, Arnot shows step-by-step how anyone can discover new energy, shed unwanted pounds, and never suffer from hunger pangs -- simply by eating the right foods in the right combinations. Complete with the most potent food charts ever assembled -- a complete arsenal of foods to promote weight control -- plus fat-loss accelerators, fat-ripping exercises, tips on dining in restaurants, and much more, Dr. Bob Arnot's Perfect Weight Control for Men and Women,is the ultimate guide for everyone who wants to feel great, lose weight, and look great.

Let's say you're a 50-, 40-, or even 30-year-old man. Maybe you want to evict that donut of fat that's moved into the space where your waist used to be, or it could be that the hike upstairs has you rethinking that downstairs bathroom you never installed, or perhaps you just saw a picture of your 19-year-old self in your football uniform. Or maybe you just want to be healthier and fitter than you already are. Well, you can be--and Dr. Bob will tell you exactly how to do it, with an engaging writing style, vast enthusiasm, and an emphasis on fast results.
In this for-men-only book (because "It has become politically incorrect for men to write books for women"), Dr. Bob Arnot--of NBC News medical correspondent fame--will convince even the most committed sloth that a 25-year-old body can be only months away. According to Arnot, revolutions in fitness technology, nutrition, and sports medicine now make it possible for a middle-ager to bench press the years back to a biological age of 25 or so--in as little as six months. Arnot calls on an impressive array of experts and scientific findings to bolster his prescription: an eat-as-much-as-you-want diet of low-fat, whole-grain foods--and play!
Arnot offers advice on sports as play for adults (alpine skiing, aerobic tennis, power blading, mountain biking, and snow blading--also known as cross-country skiing), including the challenges of new skills, getting the right coach, smart training, and fast recoveries. Nutrition plays a big part in the Arnot regimen, and he offers up information on nutritional snacks and sports food, multicultural cuisine ideas, as well as recipes and dietary supplements.
"If there is a fountain of youth, it is the heavy metal in your local gym," Arnot says, because the real fitness pitfall for the not-20-anymore man is muscle loss. From deltoids to dumbbells and pecs to pull-ups, Arnot runs down gym musts and hows in an illustrated weight-training program. Add Arnot's visualization techniques and aphorisms to the mix ("Conventional Wisdom: Go with the flow. New Paradigm: Aging is a cultural trap that programs men to abuse, misuse, and disuse their bodies"), and men past the "golden age" of their 20s may well find that the goal of getting fit, staying fit, and rewinding the biological clock is truly within reach. --Stefanie Durbin

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Robert Cremean: STUDIO SECTION 2008-2009

Robert Cremean: STUDIO SECTION 2008-2009

MONOLOGUE OF HISTORY, right side of the central diptych of the West Wall, which may be read in its entirety below.

East Wall: Calvary--Donors With Crucifixion
West wall: Self-Portrait As A Young Artist
Middle: Il Passetto

Wood, wood mache, metal, gesso, modeling paste, acrylic, graphite
Each of the six diptychs measures 8' x 8' 1"
Over all dimension for exhibition: 40' x 40'

Toledo Art Museum
Toledo, Ohio

STUDIO SECTION 2008-2009 is an extension of the “non-specific autobiography” realized and examined by Robert Cremean in VATICAN CORRIDOR, A Non-Specific Autobiography. It consists of three parts: East Wall: Calvary—Donors With Crucifixion, in which the artist gives unprecedented voice both to Gestas and to Dismas who were crucified with Jesus; Il Passetto, the corridor in which he makes a metaphoric exposition of the treatment of women by the three “hats”: the helmet of the warrior, the mitre of religion, and the bowler of commerce; and West Wall: Self-Portrait As a Young Artist in which “the young artist” is addressed verbally and metaphorically through three monologues: the Monologue of Art, the Monologue of the Artist, and the Monologue of History. Listening to the conflicting and diametrically opposing views written on the diptych behind him on the West Wall is the bust of the young artist who looks with an inscrutable gaze through the horrors of Il Passetto to the horrors of Calvary on the East Wall and at the Donors, aloof and blinded to the controlled chaos behind and in front of them.

These are but a few of the ideas and images contained within STUDIO SECTION 2008-2009. As in any work of art, the viewer may create his own world out of the images, metaphors and words confronted therein.

Monologue of History

I will create you. Defer! Defer to me. Hear my voice. It is loud with knowing. From its intelligence all things shall be judged. I am history. Hear my voice! I will define the who and the what of you...the right and the wrong—that which is and that which isn’t and the shoulds and the shouldn’ts of it all...all that presents itself to the formulae of my discerning eye. If you neither present yourself nor court my favor, then you do not exist. It will be as though you have never been...and so, perhaps, you haven’t. You do not signify. You signify nothing, not even a footnote within my pagination. If you seek silence then that is your reward. The future will not contain you. I make nouns out of verbs, pruning and paring the edges of chaotic enterprise to make concise patterns of hearsay and heresy, boundaries and time spans, hierarchies of significance, winners and losers, that which is and that which isn’t. I am a tyrant without parallel, compassion or appeal...witness, judge, and jury of my self-creation. I, too, am God, rivaling Art through persuasion of the intellect. I make nouns out of verbs. From my voice springs the reality by which actualities are formed, languages spoken, morals and mores ingested, wars fought, treaties signed, boundaries drawn and cultures authenticated. I am history, consensus, the tepid shallows of human necessity. I do not pretend to the passion of Art but I do claim its containment...Through my hands all things passeth....My mastery over such threats of chaos must not be questioned. I am History but without consensus, my abiding strength, I am history, a linear theory of reality. Art history is my crowning achievement. Look to my hierarchies. Look to my battlements. My logic is above reproach...that which was determines that which is (in retrospect) what will be. Survival is the only norm and this, too, is true of history. For my survival, the past must control the Now. For those who view me as a simple chronicler of fact, let them look again. I, too, am verb made noun. My participation is active in the affairs of men. Let me channel your desire and guide your hand. Only I can make you unforgotten, your works, cherished, your name revered. Is this not why you labor? Of which you also dream? Honor me. Let me channel your desire and guide your hand. If you thwart me, or try to thwart me, it will be as though you had never been. I will cast my light elsewhere and your shadow will cease to stain the cultural scrim. You did not spring from the forehead of Zeus. Your influences are obvious and undeniable—or so I shall proclaim. You have no resources to pit against my defamation. I will fold you into oblivion. I know you hear me for this is history’s loudest greatest threat to all artists. You are not unique. Think of your predecessors. Think of your peers. Who do you love? Of whom are you jealous? These lie within you as whores and succubi....Your studio is a battleground on which your mortality is fought. I can smell your competitiveness. It is pungent with envy. Do you seek fame? Would you kill for it...push aside others to claim the light? How hungry are you? Are you stiff with ambition...erect with desire? How g

Lioness Portrait

Lioness Portrait

The lion (Panthera leo) is a member of the family Felidae and one of four big cats in the genus Panthera. With exceptionally large males exceeding 250 kg (550 lb) in weight,[4] it is the second-largest living cat after the tiger. Wild lions currently exist in Sub-Saharan Africa and in Asia with a critically endangered remnant population in northwest India, having disappeared from North Africa, the Middle East, and Western Asia in historic times. Until the late Pleistocene (about 10,000 years ago), the lion was the most widespread large land mammal beside humans. They were found in most of Africa, much of Eurasia from western Europe to India and, in the Americas, from the Yukon to Peru.

Should they survive the rigors of cubhood, lionesses in secure habitat such as Kruger National Park may frequently reach an age of 12–14 years whereas lions seldom live for longer than 8 years.[5] However, there are records of lionesses living for up to 20 years in the wild. In captivity both male and female lions can live for over 20 years. They typically inhabit savanna and grassland, although they may take to bush and forest. Lions are unusually social compared to other cats. A pride of lions consists of related females and offspring and a small number of adult males. Groups of female lions typically hunt together, preying mostly on large ungulates. The lion is an apex and keystone predator, although they will resort to scavenging if the opportunity arises. While lions, in general, do not selectively hunt humans, some have been known to become man-eaters and seek human prey.

The lion is a vulnerable species, having seen a possibly irreversible population decline of 30 to 50 percent over the past two decades in its African range;[6] populations are untenable outside designated reserves and national parks. Although the cause of the decline is not well understood, habitat loss and conflicts with humans are currently the greatest causes of concern. Lions have been kept in menageries since Roman times and have been a key species sought after and exhibited in zoos the world over since the late eighteenth century. Zoos are cooperating worldwide in breeding programs for the endangered Asiatic subspecies.

Visually, the male is highly distinctive and is easily recognized by its mane. The head of the male lion is one of the most widely recognized animal symbols in human culture. It has been depicted extensively in literature, in sculptures, in paintings, on national flags, and in contemporary films and literature. Sometimes the image of the males is used, even when the female is intended, because the distinctive mane differentiates the species from other large feline species.

The lioness has been recognized, however, as the pinnacle of hunting prowess from the earliest of human writings and graphic representations. The lionesses are the hunters for their pride and capture their prey with precise and complex teamwork. Each lioness develops specific skills for her role in the hunting techniques used by her pride and, generally, assumes that role during most hunts. Depictions of lionesses hunting in groups have existed from the Upper Paleolithic period, with carvings and paintings from the Lascaux and Chauvet Caves.

Members of human cultures living among lions in natural habitats have understood this characteristic and often have chosen the lioness to represent their most ferocious war deities and warriors, often naming their male rulers as her "son". Examples drawn from the earliest of written records include the Egyptian pantheon deities of Sekhmet, Bast, Menhit, and Tefnut, and these deities may have had precursors in Nubia and Lybia. Other Egyptian deities are quite complex and assume aspects that may include one as a lioness headed human or a lioness in specific roles.

Many images created to represent fierce, large feline animals described as leopards and panthers reveal their identity as lionesses when the tail is examined. The characteristic tuft belongs only to lionesses if there is no mane—no matter what they are called by modern interpreters. The presence of spots may not differentiate them either, since young lions often have spots in a rosette pattern, the tail must be examined to exclude the lioness from many mislabeled images.

weight loss for middle aged men

weight loss for middle aged men

Dr. D's Handbook for Men Over 40: A Guide to Health, Fitness, Living, and Loving in the Prime of Life

"Dr. Dorsen gives us a much-needed, practical guide to feeling good and maximizing the joys of life after 40.… Should be required reading for every active, youthful spirit entering their mature years."
—Geoffrey Tabin, M.D., author of Blind Corners
"A stimulating and valuable read."
—Stanley S. Bergen, Jr., M.D., President, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
Dr. D’s Handbook for Men Over 40 is a practical, down-to-earth plan that will show you how to continue to lead an exciting life and maintain a positive attitude as you grow older. With solid information and clear advice to help you stay strong, energetic, and confident, your best years are yet to come. This lighthearted yet reassuring book will help you overcome the fear of growing older, adjust to the physiological and neurological changes that occur at midlife, maintain or regain fitness through exercise and proper nutrition, build healthy relationships, and more. Plus, it includes real-life stories about men whose healthy habits in later years have added to their lives—and how they do it.

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