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Most weight you can lose in a month. Low carb sweet snacks.

Most Weight You Can Lose In A Month

most weight you can lose in a month

most weight you can lose in a month - On a

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever [VHS]

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever [VHS]

When a psychiatrist (Yves Montand) begins talking to a young woman (Barbra Streisand), he realizes that she can recall a past life while under hypnosis. Although this brash New Yorker is thoroughly modern and somewhat abrasive, he becomes fascinated by the 19th-century English woman who speaks through her. This oddball musical flicks back and forth between period flashbacks and modern times, which may be one reason it never builds up much power in either realm. On a Clear Day You Can See Forever failed at the box office in 1970, one of a number of glossy musicals that could not find an audience in the post-Easy Rider movie world. In fact, one of the film's out-of-place costars is Jack Nicholson, a symbol of the new movies that were making old-fashioned musicals a thing of the past. It didn't help that Paramount severely cut On a Clear Day before releasing it. For all that, the picture is enjoyable and--at the end--really quite touching. Director Vincente Minnelli (Meet Me in St. Louis), then near the close of a fabulous career, maintains his usual careful eye for color and design, and keeps Streisand relatively restrained--for Streisand, that is. --Robert Horton

79% (12)

Lunch today...3.5 pts!

Lunch today...3.5 pts!

So I seem to be having the hardest time with lunch. Not because I eat bad or go over my points but it's simply that I get bored. There are only so many turkey or tuna sandwiches you can eat. And since I am home all day it seems to be my hardest meal.

So I caved this week and bought a bunch of the Smart Ones meals. I like to keep my lunches 5 points and under (my breakfast has been about 1-3 points per day, where dinner is my main meal so I like to allot my most points for dinner and a couple of healthy snacks during the day).

I can't tell you how incredibly delicious these meals are. Yesterday I had the Chicken with Sour Cream and Chive Mashed Potatoes and today was Shrimp Marinara with Fettucine.

Not only are they delicious but they are so filling. I am so shocked and amazed. And they are only $1.66 per meal! What a deal!

At any rate, I paired it today with 1 cup of grape tomatoes sprinkled with a little salt, pepper, garlic powder and basil. And 1/2 cup of grapes. I put the grapes away because I was so full..so all in all it was only a 3 point lunch!

And I am so full right now!

Oh yeah...and I did my weight tracking yesterday...and not only did I lose that nasty 1 pound I gained last week but I lost an additional 3.

Yesterday was one month on WW and I have lost 11 pounds!

I am so thrilled to discover my pants are longer!!

I am so thrilled to discover my pants are longer!!

Ah the joys of discovering the stretchy pants that had been getting shorter through most of 2006 are finally, noticeably, clearly, LONGER!!!!! Thank you Drs. Oz and Mike. Thank you Curves!

I have lost 29 pounds since the week before thanksgiving. I have gone through 2 major food holidays (pigged out), quit smoking 1st of the year, celebrated my birthday twice (pigged out) and fallen off the diet left and right, didn't start Curves till last month.

I've always laughed when someone who's never been really fat in their life offers me their helpful advice. I've lost and gained several hundred pounds in my life. But a diet you can lose weight on even though you fall off of it regularly is something I can finally live with for the rest of my life. Take it from someone who was always good at taking weight off, but never good at keeping it off.... the Oz diet is, for me at least, the Oz Way out of a lifetime of yoyoing. And Curves is easy to stick with and really speeds up the excess fat loss. So pardon me while I step away from the computer to do the happy dance of joy!! (Note: the waist of these pants is exactly at my waistline.)

most weight you can lose in a month

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