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A very fast tabu search algorithm for the permutation flow shop problem with makespan criterion [An article from: Computers and Operations Research]

A very fast tabu search algorithm for the permutation flow shop problem with makespan criterion [An article from: Computers and Operations Research]

This digital document is a journal article from Computers and Operations Research, published by Elsevier in 2004. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Amazon.com Media Library immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

This paper deals with a classic flow-shop scheduling problem with makespan criterion. Some new properties of the problem associated with the blocks have been presented and discussed. These properties allow us to propose a new very fast local search procedure based on a tabu search approach. Computational experiments (up to 500 jobs and 20 machines) are given and compared with the results yielded by the best algorithms discussed in the literature. These results show that the algorithm proposed solves the flow-shop instances with high accuracy in a very short time. The presented properties and ideas can be applied in any local search procedures. Scope and purpose The permutation flow shop scheduling problem with makespan criterion is relatively simply formulated, but it is unfortunately a hard combinatorial problem. For this reason many various algorithms have been proposed and tested to solve the problem in a short time. This paper deals with the new properties and techniques, which allow one to construct a very efficiency algorithm based on a tabu search approach. In the algorithm, we propose to use the lower bounds on the makespans instead of computing the makespans explicitly, for selecting the best solution. Besides a dynamic tabu list is used that assists additionally to avoid trapped at a local optimum. Finally, the appropriate perturbations are introduced that guide the search to the more promising areas of solution space, where ''good solutions'' can be found. All these components make that proposed algorithm solves the large-size flow shop instances with high accuracy in very short time.

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I am so stupid , I bought another D90 after sold two for a D300.

I now realized the D90 might be more practical camera for me because of its weight and use of SD card.

In SE Asia , it is hard to buy a good CF card but SD , I can buy it at any mall or Seven Eleven.

I was out of BKK for a couple of weeks , with my D300 and Canon 50D , in 3 days my cards got full and there were no images I could erase any more , so I looked for a CF card in Chiang Mai but could not find any fast UDMA CF card, so I bought a D90 as soon as I went back to BKK........ now selling one of my 2 D300 bodies and Canon 40D.

also, it was a big deal that the extra weight of the D300 over the D90 while walking around Chiang Mai for all day long with 4 lenses and SB600 and Canon 50D +EF-S17-55f2.8IS and 430EX flash.

I think I will take a plastic D90 for a travel like this and for action or whenever I need 200mm or longer zooms , I will use the D300 cause of its AF and bust speed.

I am hoping the new Canon 500D to be as good as my 50D, then I can just carry the Nikon D90 +Canon 500D and share all SD cards and leave my D300, 50D and 5D at home.

I walk a lot on a small crowded city street so I need to be light and inconspicuous , I dont know when I 've got to run very fast to avoid a punch or 2 to my face.............

I found the D90 and D80 very very practical in real life use , but they are not good enough for birding .etc, but there are no birds here so I think the D90 might be the best for now.

UPDATE: the D90 does not have true MLU and 1/8000th shutter speed , this is a big deal so I could not sell the300.

I wonder if Nikon ever announces a true successor to the D300 , not a minor update like the rumored D300s but the D400.

UPDATE2: so disappointed with Nikon , I expected the D400 to be announced and it would be a small rugged DSLR in similar line to the Pentax K7 (I think I might get it).
but Nikon announced the D300s , well, it was the most boring announcement recently made and I am really afraid this no real D300 upgrade this time actually means that Nikon will never release actual D400 , which should be the real successor to the great D300.

if so, this means we are forced to go up to FX or stick with current old tech forever or get a cheap entry model like the D3000.

I am now seriously considering switching to Pentax , which is really commited to DA and no longer making any full frame or film lenses................................though , there seems like quite different serious issue or more serious issue with Pentax than with Nikon , that is Pentax as a camera company will no longer existing in a couple of year since Hoya its mother company keeps talking about it is losing money since it bought Pentax brand and its stock holders forcing Hoya to sell Pentax camera division very soon.

Oh well,there may well be only Oly left there for me...................oh , it is bad time to be a photographer, I wonder why none of these makers clearly tells us about their future plan and what lens to release in a couple of years or so.

if I knew Canon was coming out with the 50D so soon , I wouldn't have bought my D300 , I thought Nikon was commited to develop its high grade dX bodies futher so I went to Nikon.

but now, what all Nikon talks about is how great its FX bodies are..........................

no serius DX body is coming and no new sensor is coming in DX format...........

I think they only care about getting naive consumers buying into FX system , then they can milk more money out of these naive people.

who was the one once told us DX is the future?

I thought was Nikon , now , in Japan at least , Nikon is telling these old film look worshippers what they need are Nikon FX sensor body with Nikon FX format pro f2.8 zooms.

I dont need that , give me a set of pro primes, AFS20f1.4, AFS35f1.4 and AFS85f1.4N and Nikon DX4 with 20mp DX sensor, in a bit smaller body than the D300, with complete sealings and shock protection.

I also wnat 135f2 VR aFS..

Oh well, I may have to go Pentax even if it will go out of business very soon................maybe Samsung saves us.

very fast

very fast

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how to lose weight very fast

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